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Slideshow, Grid Module, Mosaic..

The "All-In-One Module" (roksprocket) includes a slideshow, mosaic and grid layout. The module provides unprecedented control, with a user friendly interface and extensive configuration options. The UI is powered by ajax, allowing for the dynamic display of data and controls based on variables, such as layout type or through one of the filters or content selectors.


Layout Modes

RokSprocket is an expandable content display platform, with a diverse selection of prebuilt layout modes, that offer different structural and functional types to choose from. Each layout mode has its own selection of global options, as well as entry specific parameters, such as tags. Only options available for that layout option will display in the admin.


Content Providers

RokSprocket supports several providers, such as Joomla and its very own Simple provider, which allows for content to be created and controlled entirely within RokSprocket. Each provider not only allows for the loading of the content items, but also specific data associated with that provider, such as a particular categorization type.



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